Alt.Fan.DragonBall little mirror

This is a small mirror for Alt.Fan.DragonBall, a usenet newsgroup. I began reading it a few time ago, and I copy here the posts I found interesting, fun or informative.

You can find lots of thing on this newsgroup, trolls, and also episodes summary (or more complete episode descriptions...) of Dragon Ball!

I translated some posts in french. See here

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> From : Salagir (Salagir at
Subject : Re: Dragonball GT
On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 22:03:58 -0800 (PST), in,
Derek J. wrote:
>  hey, if ya didn't know, DBGT is comin' on on Friday on cartoon network @
>  6:30 e/p!
>  and i would like to know why goku is a kid again???

Watch the 1st episode at 6:30 instead of asking a stupid question.

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> From : The Eternal Lost Lurker (osaka at raspberry.hv)
Subject : Re: Subtitles to Dragon Ball

> > The official subtitle dude for the DVDs, who also posts here on occasion.
> how can i contact him????

You go down to the corner at 2 in the morning and wait until a guy wearing
fishnets and a see-thru muscle shirt shows up. He'll introduce himself as
Smitty and give you his left earring. Take that and swallow it, then make
the International Sign of the Donut at him. He'll flip you off and walk

Wait exactly seventeen minutes and forty-four seconds.

Knock on the third brick from the left two metres up on the corner of the
building behind you.

Wait two hours, eight minutes, and seven seconds.

Smitty will come back, this time in drag and wearing a DD-cup Wonder Bra.
Using a small pocketknife, puncture his left inflata-boob.

Smitty will punch your lights out.

When you regain consciousness, you will be in a small room, strapped naked
to a cold metal table, with probes attached to your genitals.

Scream like a little girl until someone comes and removes the gimp mask
which was placed on you while you were out cold.

Profess your willingness to sell your anal virginity for tap water from
Booger Hollow, Arkansas.

You will then be taken to Mr. Simmons.

I'm not impressed  by giant breasts.
I think they're a mess.
But I digress.
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> From : vegettoex@aol.comnospam (VegettoEX)
Subject : Re: Buy all 291 episodes of Dragonball Z on DVD!
Back in my day, I was downloading 100+ MB files on my 26.4 dial-up connection,
in the snow, barefoot, with no eletricity... and I liked it!

Whine, whine, whine  :P  Buy things!  It's nice!  Have nice things!

- VegettoEX

> From : Mystic_GohaN (smith at
Subject : Re: Mafuba (an underestimated technique?)

distant <> wrote in message
>  Piccolo is not a demon.

Piccolo: I'm a demon clansman. Don't forget that! I'm only using you to take
over the world!

> From : distant (distant5939 at
Subject : Re: Mafuba (an underestimated technique?)

And if I call myself a demon, you'll believe that too?


> From : Rachel Oliver (magikarp46 at
Subject : Re: Mafuba (an underestimated technique?)
distant wrote:
> And if I call myself a demon, you'll believe that too?

This is getting really silly. The dialogue is a manner of telling the
story outside of the action. While the reliability of some characters'
statements is questionable, we can't just discredit the entire story.

Otherwise, maybe Piccolo isn't really an alien either. Vegeta and Nappa
were just talking nonsense when they brought up Nameckians. Kami is just
a senile old fool who thinks he's God. The entire voyage to Planet
Nameck was an illusion concocted by NASA and Capsule Corporation.

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> From : Poke (bwm_soft at
Subject : Re: Mafuba (an underestimated technique?)
Dr. Briefs is an evil FREEMASON under the thrall of THE CAT, who is using his
demonic hyperdimensional powers attained through the ancient rituals of
Nibiru to deceive the WORLD POPULATION and effect ARMAGEDDON.


> From : devincompetition@aol.comwstegate (Lucky Devin)
Subject : Re: Picture
>>>>Rachel Oliver wrote:
>>>>> (modified link)
>>>> Where, exactly is this?
>>>I would guess Hawaii, but to be more specific its in Oahu.

If I were to pick a place I would lose control of my car at ridiculous speeds
and die, it would have to be on the Kamehameha hwy.

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