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Dragon Ball is known everywhere in the world, and it's also known by people who don't care about mangas. In france, it's the product that has made paper manga sales increase.

On this page there is all my articles about Dragon Ball and its author : Akira Toriyama.

I'm sorry this is not a lot. The French version is really much more complete.
When you will click on some pages, a french menu will appear on the left. Ignore it and use the "back" button ^^

My articles

  [] What is Dragon Ball? Story, characters, etc.   [] The way characters call each other.   [] The characters' ages thru the sagas.   [] Converter of the Room of the Spirit and Time.   [] Explanation of Trunks time travels, version 3.9   [] All about Broly, the Legendary Saiyan.   [] Stellar Objects, which are small and fragile   [] Frequently Asked Questions   [] Evolution of Toriyama drawing style   [] Dragon Ball Musical  Cross-over with Buffy!   [] Alt.Fan.DragonBall little mirror   [] More stories, texts, comments, fanfics, in the French section.

Comics and Fanfics

  [] This 30 pages comics shows the new SSJ transformations.
See Vegeta and Goku destroying an ancien power being 50 000 years old...
  [] This textual fanfic Hanasia the Queen of Saiyans, talks about the first Super Saiyan, 1000 years ago.   [] The great success still ongoing, Dragon Ball Multiverse Still taking all my free time!   [] New! My strips and pictures about DBZ, released on Geek's World.

Animation (AMVs)

  [] My very 1st clip
Video: Dragon Ball - Music: Zelda 3 OGC
Size: 25 MB - Quality: Very Bad
  [] Food
Video: Dragon Ball - Music: DBZ
Size: 26 MB - Quality: Bad


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