What is DBZ


Arrrggh ! You don't know Dragon ball ? Well, I'll try to explain you the story. I hope you've got time...

The Story

[4-stars Dragon Ball] [Shenron]

It all begins when Bulma meets Son Goku. She is looking for the "Dragon Balls". When you have the 7 balls, a dragon (Shenlong) appears and grants you a wish.

On the right : Shenlong summoned from the Dragon Balls.
On the left : one Dragon Ball. The first Dragon Ball gots one star, the 2nd gots two...

But the Z-team only trys to get the Dragon Balls two times. After, they are fighting all the time. The heroes train and become stronger than the enemy. That's quite all ;). eventually, the characters are so strong they can destroy a planet. When some die, they rise them from the dead using Dragon Balls.

Main Characters

By apparition order
(Adult Son Goku) (Son Goku)

Son Goku

The hero. Father of Son Gohan, husband of Chichi, has been trainned by Kame Sennin, Karin-sama, Kami-Sama (God, yep.) and Kaïoh-sama.

He is a Saiya-Jin. He can be more powerful by going Super-Saiya-Jin, his hair turn yellow then. He became a Super SaiyaJin for the first time on the 27th Manga.

(Bulma Brief)


She made the Dragon Ball detector. She is the mother of Trunks. Her father invented the capsules. She is very good with electronics.


Old master who trained Son Goku and Kulilin. He is a little pervert...
Real name: Mutenroshi.
(Krillin) (Krillin and Marron)


Friend of Son Goku (meet in 3rd manga). At the begining, he is bald (left), at the end, he has hair, he maries C18 and have a daughter (on the right). They both have no nose. Yurk !


Bald man with 3 eyes. At the begining, he was evil but Kamesennin made him a good man. Tien is always with Chaoz.

(Piccolo) (Piccolo) (Piccolo)


He is a Namek, he is green. In the begining, he was evil, but while he was training Son Gohan, he became good (he save Son Gohan from death giving his own life).

Son Gohan Son Gohan

Son Gohan

Son of Goku, he can become a Super Saiyajin also. He was trained by Piccolo. He is very powerful but after he destroyed Cell, he stopped training for studying. So Vegeta and Son Goku became stronger than him.

(Vegeta) (Vegeta Super Saiyen)

Vegeta / Bejita

He is the prince of the Saiya-Jins. He always wants to be the stronger. He hates Son Goku and always want to beat him. He is never happy. At the begining, he wanted to kill all the earthmen, but after he fight against Freezer, he stayed with the DBZ team.

(Trunks) (Trunks Super-Saiyajin)


Son of Vegeta and Bulma, he used a time machine to fight the cyborgs. That's why we see him as an adult (mangas 28-35) and then as a child (mangas 36 and more).

(Trunks & Son Goten)

Son Goten

Second son of Son Goku. He'll see his father for the fist time when he was about 6 because his father was dead. He is friend with Trunks. (Picture : Son Goten and Trunks)


DBZ Team

The DBZ team, or Z-team, Z-soldiers, are the people who are always here to fight monsters.
The team is always different for each fight.

Cartoons - Manga

The Manga is "Dragon Ball" From the 1st to the 42nd. The television serie isn't. When Son Gohan is born, the name "Dragon ball" changed into "Dragon Ball Z". That's why lot's of people only know Dragon Ball Z.
Dragon Ball GT is a bad sequel without manga source.

Names retranscription

The names of the characters are maybe not exactely the same as you usually hear. I placed here the names found on the net, that I suppose to be the English or Japanese version. The names change with the countries...


The Super Saiyajin team

(Saiyen Team)

Left to right, then up to down:
Little Trunks, Gotrunks,
Adult Trunks, SonGoten, Vegeto,
Vegeta, SonGoku, SonGohan