Errors and questions about Dragon Ball

As a mission to explain unusefuls things, here are some questions about DBZ and our answers.

I'm sure you'll appreciate the relevancy of these questions.

I also found a very interesting site where good questions about dragon ball were asked.
I'll answer most of them here.

Most interesting questions(?) :

Dragon Ball

Walk on the moon

How could Son Goku "drive" 3 villains on the Moon with his stick? I thought it's hard to breathe in the void of universe.

Inconsistency. It's even easier for him to climb his smooth stick with 3 people on a very long distance than climbing the Karin tower (not smooth, bigger diameter, not as high, and Goku being real stronger at this time)! Well, the answer is: DB was not so serious in the beginning :)

The Megahameha

This one will sound silly, but: When Kamesennin launches a powerful Kamehameha, he gets great muscles even a bodybuilder would be proud of. Son Goku, who is a great deal stronger, doesn't. Why?

I'd say that in order to use the "megahameha", lot's of power is needed and when Kamesennin concentrate, the boby changes because it's full of power. Goku is already very strong when he does a big kameha (first time against Piccolo Jr in the tournament) and the amount of power does not make any visible difference to his body.

Dragon Ball Z

How does the Goku family earns money?

It is said in the manga, when Gohan ask his mother if he can take part in the tournament (Videl asked him to), that Chichi used money left from her father.
Chichi's father, Ox King / Gyumao, was very rich, he had in his mountain a treasure (we don't know if it was destroyed with the mountain...)

Chichi also spends the money Goku got at the last tournament in DBnotZ, the only he won.

Why Tenshinhan don't marry Lunch?

Tenshinhan is an art martial expert. Getting with a woman is not interesting. True samurais spend their life with there art, not women. True nerds too :p

That logical for Tenshinan, who looks much like a bonze.

The red Vegeta

Vegeta rouge Red Vegeta

A Saiyajin should have black hair. That's in the definition. Why does Vegeta have brown hair in the beginning?
I must say Vegeta really changed from time they were on Arlia till they arrived on earth. Look a this closhes and hair now and when he is on Earth. I really wonder where he had the other clothes. And whether he dyed his hair.

Stupid colorization. They may have thought red hair is cool and then didn't. The color is also in a chapter of the manga, so it's not Toei's fault. At this moment, Tori didn't say all Saiyajin have black hair.
Note that even when he said it, Toei thought dark-purple hair would be cool for Broly.

Vegeta got memories problems

Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freezer's Death Ball. As Vegeta was remembering, in an early conversation of the survived Saiyajins, we see Radditz knew it was a Death Ball. But on Earth, he said it was an asteroid. Plus, when Dodoria told Vegeta about this, Vegeta got so pissed as if he didn't know it.

Stupid filler inconsistency. Neither Raditz nor Vegeta knew the fact before Dodoria told Vegeta. So he is rightfully pissed.
The problem is when Toei add fillers and don't think about consequences.

Medium just once

When Son Goku first came on Namek, he suddenly read Krillin's thoughts. Never again after that. What's the point? One-time-use telepathy? Yea right!?

He never needed to do it again. ;)
Hum seriously, considering that the Namek saga originally ended Dragon Ball, think that this part of the story should originally end with Goku being the Super Saiyanjin, the strongest warrior of the universe. So Goku coming to Namek with increadible powers (he is stronger than everyone except Freezer, he read thoughts..) is just a part of this.
After that, when it was decided to continue, Tori never mentionned again this power which was "too much" for a character we'll see again ;)

Breath in space (TV Baddack)

Before Freezer devastated Planet Vegeta, some Saiyajins were flying around out of the atmosphere. AGAIN, isn't it a little hard to breathe in the void of universe?

Flying very high under a star-filled sky doesn't mean you're in space. ^^

Can't enter Kami's lookout

In DB, Karin said that a plane can't bring you to Kami. But Bulma made it with an airplane when she brought the battle suits.

I think Bulma was "authorized" to come. The fact planes can't go there must be enabled by some device, not because it's unreachable or something like that.
[french PJ] Pour le device, je pense à des Zorglondes.... [/french]

Cell's ultimate central nerve

[img Cell without head] [img Cell explains]

Son Goku's Kamehameha blasted away half of Cell's body, including his head. Cell regenerated. But earlier, Piccolo said Cell could only regenerate if the central nerve nets remain unharmed, and Cell told that later, too. Where does Cell have his brain anyway?

Either it's in his ass or it's an error. I'm joking. Cell tells (in that "later") that his central nerve is in its brain, while pointing at his head. So it's an error. Let's say that when Cell was crushed by Goku, he very fastly moved his central nerve in his body (can he??) :p

Namek can't revive people

Shenlong can revive people. But Kami or Dende, the CREATORS of this powerful being, (logically, they should be even more powerful) can't. And they say the power of the Dragon should not surpass THEIR power.

A computer can add 456845 numbers with 4864 digits in one second. Humans can't.
The dragons are Nameks's computers, they can do things Nameks can't do themselves. This is the same idea: you create something that can do tasks you can't, but it is limited, because you are too.
Plus, the Old Dai Kaiohshin hints about the fact the Dragon Balls were certainly given to the Nameks. The power to revive may only be the power to be authorized (by the Kaioshins maybe) to take back someone from the other world. And the Dragon Ball would be authorized.
To conclude, the power we're talking just about is brute force or energy. Not ability.

Always more space in the Marx's Brothers's cabin!

In Cell Game Saga, it is said only 2 persons can enter the Room of Spirit and Time. But in Buu Saga, Piccolo, Son Goten, Trunks AND Buu made it in!

Hum... Let's say... Piccolo didn't close the door! I think the time shifting that can work only for 2 people or less. 3 can enter, but the "time thing" won't be.
So while they fought, the time thing wasn't on. When Buu escaped, they were two again (Piccolo and Gotrunks) so the time thing went back on. It tooks them several minutes to get out, but it tooks only seconds for Buu to eat the others in Kami's palace, outside (and he didn't have time to look for Dende).

I have a much more fun blooper. When Piccolo guides Buu to the spirit room, how can he talk in the childrens mind considering they are in another dimension? What I mean is when he says them "It's me, Piccolo!", they should hear: "iiiiiiiiiiiittt'sssss mmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee..... piiiiiiiiiiiicooooooooollllooooooooooo" ^^

Dragon Ball GT

Goku is a Magical Girl?

In DBZ, when Son Gohan goes Oozaru, his clothes tear off and when he returns to normal, he's naked. In DBGT, Son Goku went Golden Oozaru, naturally tearing his clothes off, but when he shrunk into a SSJ4, he had new pants.

Simply auto-censorship from the Toei.
Showing a naked adult is more difficult than a boy.
The same thing when a girl turns into a big monster and then comes back... with (shred) clothes that the monster didn't wear (too big), but that hide her top (seen in one ep of Batman for example)