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This is a small mirror for Alt.Fan.DragonBall, a usenet newsgroup. I began reading it a few time ago, and I copy here the posts I found interesting, fun or informative.

You can find lots of thing on this newsgroup, trolls, and also episodes summary (or more complete episode descriptions...) of Dragon Ball!

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> From : Clayton Reynolds (claytronic_commando at
Subject : Re: Goku's best rival Piccolo or Vegeta?

"Lucky Devin" <devincompetition@aol.comwstegate> wrote in message
> >Kuririn remains the greatest example of how an enemy of Goku could
> >become a valued friend.
> >
> But calling Krillin an enemy of Goku is a bit of a stretch don't you think? I
> thought of them as nothing more than competitors when they first started
> training under Kamesennin. It didn't take them long to become fond of one
> another. Also, I don't think there was an instance where Krillin had full
> intent to kill Goku as Piccolo or Vegeta did.

Well, Krillin *did* once chop off one end of a rope bridge while Goku was
going across it, but that's about as close to "killing" as it gets for him.

Boy, just thinking about it now, a lot of Goku's friends have tried to kill
him at some point!

- Bulma (shooting him in the head with a pistol immediately after hitting
him with her car)
- Yamcha & Pu'ar (Pu'ar was all for his death as Yamcha tried to chop him up
in the desert with his sword)
- Tenshinhan and Chaozu (Tenshinhan vowing to kill him [though it was short
lived], and Chaozu paralyzing him to help Ten do so)
- Piccolo (do I really need to give an example?)
- Vegeta (ditto)

Heh, if Goku ever found himself in a room with all of these friends, I can
imagine a possible nervous look on his face, if he were to recall these
memories all at once.

> From : (KrAzY DeReK)
Subject : broly
why is Broly wearing the fusion earrings??? is he a fusion warrior or
just gay?

> From : Psaiyan (ppvegeta at hotmail.communism)
Subject : DBZ females' power levels when menstruating?
Well, you *were* complaining that the group was dead - and this topic
has always generated healthy debate when raised in the past... ;)

Considering that in DBZ, anger seems to cause a temporary increase in
a fighter's power level (e.g. Gohan vs. Raditz), do you think that the
power levels of the female fighters - Videl for example, increase
(even if it's only a small boost) at certain times during their
menstrual cycle due to their fluctuating hormones causing them to
become short-tempered and aggressive?

I have deliberately used Videl as an example to avoid the "does
Juuhachigou have a menstrual cycle?" debate...

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