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Ceci est un petit miroir du forum Alt.Fan.DragonBall, forum anglais de Usenet. J'ai commencé à le lire il n'y a pas très longtemps, et je vous mets ici les posts qui m'ont interessé, soit parce qu'ils sont drôles, soit parce qu'ils sont informatifs.

On trouve de tout sur ce forum. Beaucoup de trolls, dont certains aussi discutés ici (sauf que sur le forum les arguments étaient plus insultants et moins convainquants). Il y a aussi un gars qui postait des résumés (à ce niveau c'est plutot la description complète) des épisodes de dragon ball !

Il m'arrive de vous traduire des messages (oui, le forum est en anglais). Lorsqu'un message est en français, c'est moi qui l'ai traduit. Si vous voulez voir les messages originaux, regardez la version anglaise de cette page.

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> From : Clayton Reynolds (claytronic_commando at
Subject : Re: Goku's best rival Piccolo or Vegeta?

"Lucky Devin" <devincompetition@aol.comwstegate> wrote in message
> >Kuririn remains the greatest example of how an enemy of Goku could
> >become a valued friend.
> >
> But calling Krillin an enemy of Goku is a bit of a stretch don't you think? I
> thought of them as nothing more than competitors when they first started
> training under Kamesennin. It didn't take them long to become fond of one
> another. Also, I don't think there was an instance where Krillin had full
> intent to kill Goku as Piccolo or Vegeta did.

Well, Krillin *did* once chop off one end of a rope bridge while Goku was
going across it, but that's about as close to "killing" as it gets for him.

Boy, just thinking about it now, a lot of Goku's friends have tried to kill
him at some point!

- Bulma (shooting him in the head with a pistol immediately after hitting
him with her car)
- Yamcha & Pu'ar (Pu'ar was all for his death as Yamcha tried to chop him up
in the desert with his sword)
- Tenshinhan and Chaozu (Tenshinhan vowing to kill him [though it was short
lived], and Chaozu paralyzing him to help Ten do so)
- Piccolo (do I really need to give an example?)
- Vegeta (ditto)

Heh, if Goku ever found himself in a room with all of these friends, I can
imagine a possible nervous look on his face, if he were to recall these
memories all at once.

> From : (KrAzY DeReK)
Subject : broly
why is Broly wearing the fusion earrings??? is he a fusion warrior or
just gay?

> From : Psaiyan (ppvegeta at hotmail.communism)
Subject : DBZ females' power levels when menstruating?
Well, you *were* complaining that the group was dead - and this topic
has always generated healthy debate when raised in the past... ;)

Considering that in DBZ, anger seems to cause a temporary increase in
a fighter's power level (e.g. Gohan vs. Raditz), do you think that the
power levels of the female fighters - Videl for example, increase
(even if it's only a small boost) at certain times during their
menstrual cycle due to their fluctuating hormones causing them to
become short-tempered and aggressive?

I have deliberately used Videl as an example to avoid the "does
Juuhachigou have a menstrual cycle?" debate...

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